The 7 Best Ways How to Dispose Of Broken Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums are now among the most used household appliances. It might sound like a good thing, but this also means the rate of e-waste has gone high. And only if you know how to dispose of broken vacuum cleaner right your name won’t fall on the shameful list of those destroying the future of the unborn.

Sadly, many people are already on this shameful list. Many actually don’t realize it, but when you drop that broken vacuum in the garbage bin, it also becomes e-waste.

Your Broken Vacuum Cleaner as an Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Electronic waste (e-waste) or waste electronic equipment (WEE) is becoming a huge environmental problem across the globe. In 2019, there was a record 53.6 million metric tons of this waste, surpassing the figures projected earlier for 2021.

Your broken vacuum cleaner, whether in upright, stick, canister or robotic design, is part of the electrical waste. And this means it’s among the “70% hazardous waste on the landfill”.

According to the circular of the World Economic Forum, the electronics making up the e-waste usually have up to 60 elements on the periodic table. And with the increased use, these compounds will soon run out of supply while others like lead poison the soil.

So, those of us who know how to dispose of broken vacuum cleaners correctly are saving more than the planet life. And if we all adopt it, we can make sure the projected 120 million tons of e-waste (by 2050) never come to be.

Sadly, however, the most recent record shows only 20% of e-waste is usually recycled, while the remaining 80% continues being… well, “waste”. But seeing you’re interested in disposing of your vacuum properly, there’s still hope for these figures to reverse.

How to Dispose Of Broken Vacuum Cleaner

Other Reasons to Dispose of Broken Vacuum Cleaners Properly

Apart from recycling, knowing how to dispose of broken vacuum cleaners properly will also help in:

  • Reducing the Environment of Carcinogens

Almost none of the parts that make up vacuum cleaners are biodegradable, and when burnt, they end up harming the environment.

Similar to most electronics, many of these vacuum parts comprise heavy metals, such as aluminum, copper, iron, and lead. Their toxic fumes end up as carcinogenic compounds in the air we breathe, our drinking water, and the soil our food grows on.

So, we have a couple of cancer patients less to worry about when you dispose of your broken vacuum cleaner properly.

  • Save the Planet from Global Warming

In the production of new vacuum cleaners, our factories end up emitting large portions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is part of the greenhouse gases, which, with continuous emissions, lead to rising global surface temperatures.

So, again, we have less global warming effect to worry about when we learn how to dispose of broken vacuum cleaners right.

  • Save the Nationwide Energy

Another benefit of disposing of your broken vacuum cleaner right is that you get to save incredible amounts of energy. How so?

Production factories usually use huge amounts of power to extract and process raw materials to make a finished product. But when recycled materials are used to make the same product, they usually require much less energy to process.

The amount of energy you save in recycling usually varies with the material. But metallic materials save the most energy since their raw materials will also require more power to process.

  • Make Some Money from Your Waste

Last but not least, you can make a few bucks on your broken vacuum cleaner. You just need to take it to the nearest electronic repair shop and see if there are parts they can salvage. The motor, sensors, hoses, and other rare parts are usually in demand on online markets like eBay.

Moreover, the annual e-waste has an economic value worth billions. And that money can go back to building our nation’s economy through recycling.

As a plus, the recycling plants also create hundreds of thousands of jobs for the locals, who will later pay their taxes.

The Best Ways How to Dispose Of Broken Vacuum Cleaners Properly

The various ways how you can get rid of your broken vacuum cleaner without harming the environment include:

  1. Take Your Vacuum Cleaner to the recycling centers

We’ve just said one of the ways how to dispose of broken vacuum cleaners will be to recycle them. The plastic housing, cords, and hose should be convertible into something like traffic cones, shampoo bottles, or PVC furniture.

We now have private and local recycling centers distributed across the country to help in the management of e-waste. Some even have a website you can contact them about the requirements before taking your item.

  • Take Your Vacuum Cleaner to the Scrap Yard

If you have a scrap yard nearby, they can also take your broken vacuum cleaner for recycling. The manager there may even pay you a few silvers per pound of your waste. But again, these places often ask for metal parts, which are only common with the upright and canister vacuum cleaner.

  • Trade Your Vacuum Cleaner at the Electronic Store

Some local electronic stores also do accept broken vacuum cleaners that still power on- say the wheels are the problem. You can even get a rebate or some store credits that you could use for another item from their catalog.

Various electronic stores here in the country have also been on the front row in the proper management of e-waste. A perfect example is Best Buy, which claims to have helped recycle over 2 billion pounds of waste between 2009 and 2020.

  • Sell Your Vacuum Cleaner at the Pawn Shop

Similarly, some local pawn shops can take your old vacuum cleaner if it still runs- perhaps you have upgraded to a newer model. The owners of the store don’t exactly give out much, but it’s still enough for a cup of coffee.

  • Sell Parts of Your Vacuum Cleaner online

The fifth way how to dispose of a broken vacuum cleaner is to take it apart and sell it online. Parts like the motor, motherboard, battery clips, navigation/ cliff sensors, and hose or nozzle can make you quick bucks on eBay.

Some people may even want the housing if it’s still healthy so they can replace their cracked one.

  • Exchange Your Vacuum on the Swapping Events

If you still feel you should gain something from your broken vacuum, check out the next swapping event in your community. And as the name suggests, you get to exchange the item you no longer need for something you can use.

If there’s no swapping event in your area, it’s pretty easy to come up with one with your friends and neighbor.

  • Donate Your Vacuum to the Local Shelters

Lastly, you can give away your “broken” vacuum cleaner at donation centers or thrift stores if it is still in good condition. The organizers of the place will then sell your piece, and the proceeds goes to charity or any other good cause.

Final Thoughts:

While there may be others, these are the most common ways how to dispose of broken vacuum cleaners without hurting the environment. If the device is totally broken and cannot run, recycling will be the most ideal disposal method.

You can even make it a habit for the other electronics that would otherwise end up as e-waste. And when your other relatives or friends sees your efforts in saving the environment, they may join in since it’s a good cause. Then before you know it, your whole town has joined as well and we have countless benefits to enjoy as a nation.

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