Dreame T20 vs Dyson V8: Which one is the better choice?

When it is the first time you purchase a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, it is not an easy-breezy task. Different models and brands are available in the market to make you confused. 

However, if you consider similar types of vacuum, such as Dreame T20 vs Dyson V8 , determining is much easier. If your budget is low, but you want a good one, you can try one of these two as your first robot vacuum cleaner. 

But among these two, which one is better? That’s a tricky question to answer. So I have come up with a head-to-head comparison of both the devices. Then you can decide for yourself the better one. So, let’s unravel then.

Why Did You Purchase Dreame T20?

  • The design is hair tangle-free
  • Perfect one to vacuum all household things and for the car.
  • 8-stage noise reduction feature
  • Different modes for desired cleaning service
  • Intelligent Suction Power for deep cleaning

Dreame T20 vs Dyson V8 features and specifications

Dreame T20 and Dyson V8 are both cordless stick vacuum cleaners. Of course, they are different in some features and specifications. Let’s compare their features and specification first.

Dreame T20 vs Dyson V8
ImageDreame T20Dyson V8
Surface RecommendationFloorCarpet
Filter TypeCartridgeCartridge
Form FactorStick, HandheldStick, Handheld
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Weight13.72 pounds5.64 pounds
Capacity0.6L0.54 Liters
BrushesMulti-Functional BrushesMulti-Functional Brushes
Intelligent Suction Power OptimizationavailableN/A
Batteries1 Lithium-Ion battery1 Lithium-Ion battery
Working Modes4 working modes2-in-1 one design
Hair TangleHair tangle-free designN/A
Noise Reduction8-Stage Noise ReductionLess noisy
Battery life70 minutes40 minutes
DetailsCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Dreame T20 vs Dyson V8
Dreame T20 vs. Dyson V8

Dreame T20 Reviews

This high-quality vacuum cleaner comes with many attractive features at a lower price. It is a great solution to clean your entire house. This machine can deep clean the home with 25000 Pa suction. After charging once, you can use it for up to 70 minutes.

However, let’s see the reasons why you should buy Dreame T20.

Powerful suction

Suction power is essential for a vacuum cleaner to measure its performance. This cordless vacuum cleaner allows a deep cleaning on surfaces such as the hard floor, carpeting, curtains, drawers, and others.

The suction power is 150AW, enough to collect all the dirt, food pellets, small screws, and beans. The aviation-level motor can deliver 125000 rotations in a minute, which is faster and more stable for vacuuming.

4-level working modes

Different working modes are beneficial for cleaning and vacuuming different surfaces. The Dreame T20 vacuum offers you 4-level working modes. So, you can control the speed according to your need.

Just press the button to change the suction speed for any surface.

The modes are automatic, medium, eco, and, turbo mode. The weakest mode is the eco mode, and the turbo mode is t the power mode.

Build Quality

According to the price, the build quality of the Dreame T20 is excellent. You can compare it with other models of some brands such as Roborock H6, Dyson V11, etc. 

Besides, it is lightweight, and building materials are also durable. The color display makes the vacuum nice looking.  You can see the vacuum modes on display. The weight is 1.7 kg which is not so much when you use it to vacuum the floor.

8-Stage Noise Reduction,

The other best feature of this vacuum cleaner, is noise production. You can clean your home without disturbing other members of your family.

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Dyson V8 Reviews? 

As we are comparing Dreame T20 vs. Dyson V8, now it is time to know about Dyson. Why is this model good for you? Let’s see its unique and attractive features and benefits.

Multiple modes

The Dyson V8 is built so that you can use this vacuum cleaner in various ways to clean your house. Clean the floor, walls, or corners attaching the shaft to remove all the debris. If you want, you can detach the handle and use the vacuum as a handheld vacuum.

You can also clean large debris with the soft roller. The HEPA filtration helps you to avoid allergens.


Dyson V8 is not an electric power vacuum cleaner. Lithium-ion batteries are used here to give the machine great power all time until the battery ends. The motor can spin up to 110, 000RPM which is better than its previous model.

When you use this vacuum cleaner to clean a hardwood floor, it can remove 95% dirt. It is also a noise perspective. Without annoying anyone, you can do your cleaning work with Dyson V8.

Dreame T20 vs Dyson V8: the similarities and differences

Xiaomi Dreame T20 and Syson V8 are very similar in some features and looks. But of course, there are some differences among them. Let’s compare them and find out the similarities and differences.


The design of Dreame T20, and Dyson V8 is near. The handheld cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a washable filter. They are versatile and lightweight too. They have enough power to remove dirt, dust, and hair from the carpet and floor.

The Dreame T20 comes in red color, and its weight is only 13.72 pounds.

On the other hand, the Dyson V8 Animal comes with a purple look at 5.64 pounds weight. So, it is lighter than Dreame T20.


Dreame T20 comes with an OLED display that presents the mode, charge of the battery remaining, etc.

On the other hand, the display of the V8 is an LCD display to see the mode and battery percentage.

Both of them can remove allergens and clean the carpet properly.

Dreame T20 provides long time service than The V8 animal. The suction time of Dreame T20 is 70 minutes, and the Dyson V8 animal is 40 minutes.

You can clean the dirt bin easily. The maintenance of both is not a hard job. 

Cleaning Performance

Dreame T20 comes with a powerful motor of 150 AW with 25000 PA suction power. There is the option to switch the modes for different surfaces. Both vacuums are good from floor to carpet and inside the car.  But you can use the Dreame T20 for longer than the Dyson V8 Animal.

Top Pick

It is hard to choose one from Dreame T20 and Dyson V8. It is because they are very similar. But if you consider the overall performance and price, Dreame T20 is the top.

The Dreame T20 has some extra features that make it top of the Dyson V8. You already know the differences.


Is it easy to maintain Dreame T20?

Ans: For a vacuum cleaner, maintenance is very much important. The detachable dustbin is easy to take out to clean. Besides, you should charge the battery in time. The device has a washable HEPA filter that is better to maintain easily.

Is the Dyson V8 Animal worth it?

Dyson V8 Animal is the cordless stick vacuum cleaner that is balanced if you consider the performance, features, and price. This cordless one is lightweight, quiet, and easy to handle. The suction power is also good.

Final words

So, after Dreame T20 vs. Dyson V8 animal comparison, you get most of the information about the two cordless vacuum cleaners. Both are battery-powered. They are a beneficial device for your home for everyday cleaning purposes.

So, see their specifications and features and then decide on one that can fulfill your requirements.