Dreame Z10 Pro vs Roborock S7: Which one is The Best to buy?

Choosing a vacuum robot is not exactly that easy these days. You may find hundreds of companies building robotic vacuums in the market. But some would vacuum your pocket instead of the dirt in your home. 

We will compare the Dreame Z10 Pro vs Roborock S7 from expert opinion. It will give you a brief but accurate idea to find the best match for you. So, without wasting further time, grab a cup of tea, and read through the article carefully.

5 Reasons to Buy Dreame Z10 Pro

  • Impressive mopping ability
  • Excellent at vacuuming
  • Smart Mop Lifting
  • Works in a criss-cross pattern
  • Voice-enabled

Dreame Z10 Pro vs Roborock S7: Features & Specs

Both are robotic vacuums and have some features to consider. We will compare both products side by side to help you choose the best option for you.

FeaturesRoborock S7Dreame Z10 Pro
SRR Score230226
Path PlanningAvailable (works excellent)Available (works decently)
Mapping SensorLDSLDS+DToF
High Precision  MapAvailable (Excellent Performance)Available (Decent performance)
Object DetectionAvailable (Sometimes failed to detect)Available (Normally worked for me)
Resume and Recharge Available Available
Automatically Docs & RechargesAvailable (Excellent)Available (Decent)
Noise Level67db62db
DisplayNot Available Not Available
Voice CommandAvailableAvailable
Battery5200mAh (180 mins)5200mAh (150 mins)
Weight10.36 lbs13.78 lbs
Width13.8 inchN/A
Height3.8 inchN/A
Water MoppingAvailable Available
Water tank Capacity300ml150ml
Water Flow ControlYesN/A
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Why should I buy the Dreame Z10 Pro?

There are several reasons to buy the Dreame Z10 Pro. It has strong suction, more innovative features, and a classy model. We have discussed all the things that you should know about Dreame Z10 Pro; check these out below-

Dreame Z10 Pro Hardware

The main Dreame bot vacuum body of the Z10 Pro is not unique and looks like other vacuums available in the market. However, unlike other robotic vacuums, it has more improved extra sensors and detections of objects on the front.

There is a dust box in-built which is removable. Besides, a tiny brush under the plastic case cleans dust from the floor. You will need to check it regularly once a month and clean tangled hair or other things. If you see the dust on the sensor, clean the detectors regularly.

Multi-Floor Mapping

Dreame Z10 Pro has a multi-floor mapping feature to map the floor of your room. Moreover, you can mark out a particular room area to clean. Multi-floor is not a unique feature in the robotics vacuum market, though it has some latest improvements. It can store up to three levels.

You just have to go to the map management using the Xiaomi home app and choose a new floor or set a specific room to clean; it will automatically move to the place or add a new map.

Smartly Saves Itself

Above, we have discussed the mapping management of the Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner. It is so intelligent that it can save itself from potential hazards and avoid them. In addition, it can identify dangerous things, including shoelaces.

As per most customer Dreame Z10 Pro reviews, You can undoubtedly buy Dreame bot Z10 Pro if the features fulfill your expectations. It has many features and is also integrated with the Xiaomi Home ecosystem. It ensures that you have an IoT platform, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

Why Should I buy the Roborock S7?

If you are searching for one of the best robotic vacuums, you can consider Roborock S7. It is an innovative and intelligent robot vacuum that will help keep your home and carpet clean and save you from dirt. 

We have discussed some of the reasons to consider it as the best; Check these out one by one below-

Impressive design

It has been designed to make it compact to locate under some furniture and clean the floor. In addition, it has a small rubber brush under the cover that provides deep cleaning, even on carpets.

It offers black and white color options. You will find some operating buttons on the top. Moreover, it has an LED light that indicates the robot is scanning, charging, cleaning, etc.


Roborock S7 provides impressive performance while vacuuming. You will get four different performance modes: Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, or maximum. The noise increases while the suction gets bigger as you go up the scale.

Roborock S7 can clean your floor impressively with the highest settings. Though it won’t replace your daily primary Vacuum cleaner, it will prove that you don’t have to use the primary vacuum cleaner as before.

The robot navigates itself very intelligently and avoids hazardous obstacles for its safety.

Battery life

Roborock S7 has a 5200mAh battery installed inside it that consumes 15% battery life per 20 minutes of usage. It takes several hours to get fully charged. It returns to the base with low battery power and automatically recharges itself. So, you won’t need to worry about the battery life.

So, buy it if you want to mop with vacuuming and simply customizable options. The most fantastic feature is that it will auto empty itself eventually. As you have seen, it has many features with good performance. So, if these fulfill your needs, don’t think twice about buying the Roborock S7.

Dreame Z10 Pro vs Roborock S7

Dreame Z10 Pro vs Roborock S7: Similarities & Differences

Though both are products from different brands, they have some similarities and differences. This part of the article will show you some similarities and differences.

As we have mentioned before, both Roborock S7 and Dreame Z10 Pro have a 5200mAh battery, but the Roborock S7 can work 30 minutes longer than the Dreame Z10 Pro. If you notice the lower, you will find that the Roborock S7 is 0cm lower. On the other hand, the Dreame Z10 Pro has 9.65 cm.

So, it’s clear that the Roborock can go to that location where the Dreame Z10 Pro can’t.

If we compare both devices regarding wet mopping, the Roborock has a 300ml water tank capacity with a damp mopping feature and water flow control. On the other hand, the Dreame Z10 Pro has a 150ml water tank capacity, just half of the Roborock S7. So now, let’s see some main differences & similarities between the Dreame Z10 Pro and Roborock S7 regarding some features.

Navigation & Mapping

The Dreame Z10 Pro has excellent navigation and mapping power because it comes with the latest LiDAR technology. This technology enables the vacuum robot to clean by following an efficient straight line. 

It also avoids obstacles while cleaning, and this became possible because of the front-mounted 3D laser sensor. Moreover, LiDAR technology ensures that all the cleaning area has been cleaned.

On the other hand, the Roborock S7 uses the PreciSense LiDAR Navigation that ensures proper cleaning. First, it creates a map of your entire house. Then the adaptive navigation algorithm finds the fastest straight route of cleaning.

Mopping Performance

The Dreame Z10 pro has excellent Mopping power.  Mopping is much easier on Z10 Pro; all you just need is to fill the tank and mount it to the main robot body. Then, you can re-fill the water tank while the robot is charging. It has a robot-controlled water pump that controls the water flow and how much water needs to the mopping pad.

On the other hand, the Roborock S7 is intelligent for mopping. It can do both mopping and vacuuming at the same time. If you need both vacuuming and mopping, simply select the standard mopping.

It won’t make your floor look brand new but will remove light spots from your bed. Moreover, the VibraRise gets lifted when a carpet is recognized.

Battery Backup

Both Dreame Z10 Pro and Roborock S7 have the same battery capacity of 5200mAh. But most of the Dreame Z10 users have complained that they get 30 minutes less battery backup than Roborock  S7.

So, the Roborock S7 gives better battery backup than the Dreame Z10 Pro. So, if your priority is battery performance, then Roborock S7 is the best for you in this price range.

Pricing and Warranty

ProductDreame Z10 Pro PriceRoborock S7 Price
Warranty12 Months12 Months


Which Xiaomi Robock is best?

Nothing is best. But the Xiaomi Roborock vacuums are comparatively better in both quality and performance than other local robot vacuums. See our reviews on different Roborock vacuum models for more details.

What is the latest Roborock model?

The latest Roborock Model is Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

Is Roborock owned by Xiaomi?

Yes, but not totally. Xiaomi holds a 24.7% share of the Roborock Vacuum Company.


Choosing one from the Dreame Z10 Pro and Roborock S7 is so critical. But considering the overall performance and efficiency, the Roborock S7 almost touches the top marks. 

The Roborock S7 can almost do anything the Dreame Z10 Pro can do. But, the Roborock has some extra abilities that the Dreame Z10 Pro has not. Moreover, it is the first hybrid vacuum robot that can do both vacuumings and mop simultaneously. 

However, both vacuum robots work well, but if you ask us to choose one, we will select the Roborock S7, which seems more innovative, intelligent, and efficient.

Final Words

So, that was all about the Roborock S7 vs Dreame Z10 Pro comparison. Hopefully, now you have got all the information about both products. We have tried to briefly compare the Dreame Z10 Pro and Roborock S7, which was so conventional.

Both devices are suitable from different perspectives. We have discussed the features and specs in detail. So, you have to decide which one will fit your requirement.