Eufy 11s Max vs 15C Max: Which one is The Best Robot Vacuum?

Eufy 11S Max and Eufy 15C Max are popular and almost similar robot vacuums. Do you know that Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Max and the other model Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Max, are the improved versions of their previous models?

As they are now improved, you can do your cleaning work more efficiently with them. 

But which one is better, by the way? We are gonna discuss that in this Eufy 11S Max VS 15C Max comparison. 

Eufy Robo vac 15C Max  VS 11S Max

From the Eufy 11s max review, you can learn the advantages, features, and specifications of the product.

Eufy 15C Max is very similar to Eufy 11S. But some features make the two items differ from each other.

Some modern features, such as Amazon Alexa support, WiFi connectivity, etc., make the both different from each other. Let’s learn these two in detail.

Comparison table of Eufy Robovac 15c max vs. 11s max

Product nameEufy Robo Vac 11s MaxEufy Robo Vac 15C Max 
Suction power2000 Pa2000 Pa
BoostIQ technology2nd Generation2nd Generation
Noise55 dB55 dB
Battery2600 mAh2600 mAh
Maximum cleaning time100 minutes100 minutes
Height2.85 inches2.85 inches
WiFi/ Mobile AppNoYes
Weight2.6 kg2.6 kg
Eufy 11s max vs 15C Max

Eufy Robo Vac 15C Max: What benefits does it provide? 

Eufy Robo Vac 15C Max is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that has enough power. Its power is 2000Pa. So, you can use it to remove the floor debris easily. The main benefit of using this device is to remove dirt from high-traffic areas.

The device comes with BoostIQ Technology which allows the Robo Vac to increase the suction in 1.5 seconds. You can run your robot vacuum cleaner for 100 minutes to clean your floor without monitoring it. So, it makes your work easier.

The design is fantastic as its height is only 2.85 inches. So, you can depend on this device to clean all the parts of your home, basically under the furniture.

Eufy Robo Vac 15C Max also has an infrared sensor that helps the device avoid obstacles. Besides, the drop-sensing technology also avoids fallings down it.

Let’s see some main features of this cleaning appliance.

  • It comes with three brushes. The stronger suction power is very effective in cleaning most of the dirt. This feature is called a 3-point cleaning system.
  • The innovative return feature allows the device to come to the home base when there is a low battery.
  • Drop-sensing technology is available to detect drops and stop falling the device.
  • An anti-collision sensor is also given to this device that prevents bumping the device when it finds objects around it.

Eufy Robo Vac 11s max; What features does it provide? 

This is another super quality RoboVac is also a slimmer one and comes at 2.85 inches in height. Its power is also 2000Pa. It is the right choice for people who have a tight budget. Eufy Robo Vac 11s Max review shows that the cleaner is ideal for those going to use a robot vacuum for the first time.

Even you use it to clean thin carpets. Besides, for low-laying furniture, you can try this vacuum cleaner. Let’s see the main features of this RoboVac.

  • It comes with BoostIQ Technology which provides more suction power in 1.5 seconds. So, it added extra strength when it needed a deep cleaning.
  • Quiet Clean technology allows the Robot Vacuum to work up to 100 minutes on a hardwood floor quietly. The sound seems like a microwave.
  • Besides, anti-scratch glass cover protection, infrared sensor for avoiding obstacles, and drop-sensor technology, are available.

Eufy Robovac 15c max VS 11s max: What are the main differences?

Let’s see the main differences between Eufy 11s vs. 15c. Both are budget-friendly. Let’s continue.

Eufy 15c max is capable of WiFi connection. So, you can connect it with your WiFi and use the EufyHome app to control the Robovac.

The app also allows scheduled cleaning. But Eufy 11s Max does not come with this feature.

15c Max has a scheduling option because you can control it through an app. But 11s max does not have the schedule cleaning option.

Eufy Robovac 11s max VS 15c max: Cleaning Modes 

Both of them have some cleaning modes such as automatic mode, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and manual cleaning modes. Let’s see more details.

Automatic cleaning mode can select different modes in the cleaning path of the Robovac of 11s Max and 15c Max. When the device has a low charge, it will return to the charging base if you keep it in automatic mode.

When you want to clean a more dirty area, you can keep the Robovac to spot cleaning mode. And Edge cleaning mode is to clean baseboards, wall edges, etc.

When you want to clean a small area quickly, such as a single room, you can turn your Robovac into a quick cleaning mode. It prolongs the battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain robot vacuums like Eufy 11s and 15C max? 

To keep your Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX or Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX at its best level, you should properly maintain it. Take care of the dirt min, and clean the air filter twice a week. 

And it is better to replace it after two months of use. Besides, clean the brush roll every week and replace it after several months.

Can Eufy 11S clean multiple rooms?

Eufy 11s has a power supply capacity of more than one hour making it a perfect tool to clean larger rooms. What’s

Final Verdict

Both Eufy 11s Max and 15c Max are good options and cheaper at a price. However, from this Eufy 11s max vs. 15c max review, it is clear that there are very few differences between these two. If you want an upgraded one, then you can compare Eufy 15c max vs. 30c max

Both models are better than the previous models. You can use them to clean dirt and dust from your floor. 

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