Eufy 11S Vs Eufy 11S Max: Which Robot Vacuum is The Best Pick?   

Technology has come as far as giving us robot vacuums to help us clean our homes and offices. These intelligent machines can work faster and longer without getting tired unlike humans. If you are new to robotic vacuums, hang around to read the best comparison article on Eufy 11S vs Eufy 11S Max.

First, we will briefly describe each robot vacuum and list its pros and cons. After that, we will discuss the similarities and differences between the two. Can we start?

Eufy 11S vs. Eufy 11S Max: Features & specs of the best robotic vacuum

 Eufy 11S vs Eufy 11S Max
Imageeufy 11s Eufy 11sEufy 11s max Eufy 11s max
NavigationBounce NavigationBounce Navigation
Battery type2 AAA lithium ion 2600mAh2 AAA lithium ion 2600mAh
FilterDouble layerTriple layer
Battery Life100 minutes100 minutes
Noise level55dB55dB
Suction power level1300pa2000pa
Controller typeRemote ControlRemote Control
Battery charge time300minutes300minutes
Wi-Fi compatibilityNoneNone
App compatibilityNoneNone
DesignSlim - 2.85 inchesSlim - 2.85 inches
UsesHard floor, laminate floor, low to medium pile carpetHard floor, laminate floor, low to medium pile carpet
Warranty12 months12 months
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 Eufy Robovac 11S (Slim)

If you need a user-friendly, affordable, and functional robot vacuum, the Eufy 11S (slim) can be an option. Even if it lacks modern navigation features like Wi-Fi, a smartphone app, and voice commands, Eufy 11S does its job well. With up to five cleaning modes to choose from and remote control, Eufy 11S is the easiest to use.

Due to the slim design (2.85” tall), it can remove dirt under low-hanging furniture. The Eufy 11S robot vacuum can clean your house on a single charge without much help from you. 


  • Offers 100 minutes of cleaning time per charge
  • Does not vibrate as it runs
  • Has drop-sensing technology to avoid accidents at the staircase
  • Ideal for different floors and carpets
  • Uses BoostIQ Technology.


  • No room for mapping
  • Lacks intelligent apps
  • Cannot pick up heavy trash.

Eufy Robovac 11S Max

Eufy 11S Max came after Eufy 11S. Therefore, it has a few more advanced features than its predecessor. The Eufy 11S Max has a slim design (2.85” tall) and uses BoostIQ technology just like its precursor. It is not for you if you want a robot vacuum with app control and other intelligent features. 

After you pre-set time, the Eufy 11S Max does not need further intervention to make your floors spotless. As it charges automatically, Eufy 11S Max is ever ready for the next cleaning job. If you have many pets and are tired of dealing with fur, this model picks up hair better than its predecessor. 


  • Powerful sucking strength of 2000pa 
  • Provides ten infrared obstacle sensors
  • Comes with drop-sensing technology
  • Its battery lasts 100 minutes
  • Jump into the charging base without help.


  • It takes longer to charge
  • No Wi-Fi, app controls, or room mapping

Eufy 11s Max vs Eufy 11s: Similarities

We will enumerate the shared features between the two robot vacuum cleaners next: 


Both Eufy 11S and Eufy 11S Max have a slim shape. They are both 2.85 inches high. Also, they weigh 5.73 pounds and measure 12.8” long, 12.8” wide, and 2.85” high. Due to their slim design, these robot vacuums can remove dirt from the most hidden places. 


Eufy 11S and Eufy 11S Max share BoostIQ technology. As a result, they can increase their suction power in about one and a half seconds to facilitate deep cleaning. A user should press the fan button on their remote control to increase suction power. They also consist of drop-sensing technology that prevents them from falling down the stairs or getting off the ledges. 

Silent operation 

Another similar thing about these robot vacuums is that they run one hundred minutes on the normal suction power setting without noise. Thus, a single charge is enough to finish the job for most users. Bounce navigation sensors, cleaning speed, and performance are admirable on both robot cleaners.

Recommended surfaces 

Eufy 11S and Eufy 11S Max are ideal for cleaning hardwood surfaces and low to medium pile carpets.

Cleaning system

Both Eufy vacuum cleaners use a 3-point cleaning system consisting of three brushes and suction power. Hence, they can loosen dirt and pick it up in seconds. They can clean non-stop, thanks to their large wheels that can roll over thick carpets and climb on top of door ledges.


The two diligent robot vacuums have a black color and a rounded shape. Both have a tempered glass cover that can resist scratches.


Both robot vacuums come with a 0.6-liter dust box. The oversized bin can collect trash in two or three different cleaning sessions.

Intelligence features 

The two Eufy Robot vacuums are pretty basic machines with remote control, Start and Stop buttons, and Lithium-ion AAA batteries. None of them has a smartphone app functionality. As for battery life, it is 100 minutes for both, and the two batteries charge in about four hours.

Eufy 11s vs Eufy 11s Max: Differences 

Now we will discuss the differences between these robot vacuums. We have to note the two Eufy models are more similar than different. Their differences are fewer, and they include:

Suction power level 

If you want the most powerful option between Eufy 11S and Eufy 11S Max, the latter is better. Eufy 11S provides up to 1300 PA while Eufy 11S Max boasts 2000 PA. Due to super intense suction power, the Eufy 11S Max model can pick up light and heavy trash. 

If you deal with lots of pet fur, dust, food particles, and dirt on the carpet, the Eufy 11S Max may help you more. Equipped with a dual-layer filter, the Eufy 11S Max will not even leave a dust mite on the carpet. 

1300pa is still a lot of suction power. The Eufy 11S works well with this suction power. But, it does not remove pet dander. Both robot vacuums can increase their suction power in 1.5 seconds, though.


If you are on a shoestring budget, you might want to explore the Eufy 11S model. As it is cheaper than its successor, it fits someone with a small budget. Compared to other models on the market, both items are considerably cheaper. 

Special features

Although these Eufy robot vacuums are automatic workers, the Eufy 11S Max has unique features. For instance, once the battery runs out of charge, the robot will hop into the charging base. Also, the same robot trends very carefully not to bump onto things as it cleans. It has anti-collision sensors that allow it to avoid accidents. Even if it bumps on something, the impact is not enough to ruin it. 

Which is the best robot cleaner for you?

So far you have discovered the similarities and differences between Eufy 11s vs Eufy 11s Max models. Are you unsure of the option to purchase? If we consider performance, both robots do a thorough job. Nevertheless, the Eufy 11S Max has more suction power to extract dirt and pet dander. 

Thus, choose the Eufy 11S if your budget is small and you do not have pets. The Eufy 11S Max is the best choice if we consider navigation. Even without the mapping technology, this model has anti-collision sensors.

If you intentionally leave objects lying on the floor, the Eufy 11S robot might bang all of them. On the other hand, Eufy 11S Max will steer clear of objects. The only disadvantage it has over its counterpart is a higher price. 


  1. Does Eufy 11S Max have mapping?

Even if we think that Eufy 11S Max is superior, it does not have mapping and navigation features. As a result, it does not have a camera to increase visibility when cleaning. Since it lacks imprint mapping technology, the Eufy 11S Max cannot produce clear maps of your flours and rooms.

Even if it has sensors to avoid collisions, the system still cannot work like Roomba S9+, which has mapping and navigation features. Sometimes it will bump onto an object but not hard enough to cause damage. 

  • Does Eufy 11S work with the app?

No, this is a pretty plain robot vacuum. It does not work with a smartphone app, and you cannot control it wirelessly. The only control device it comes with is a remote control. 

  • Can Eufy 11S clean multiple rooms?

It should handle the job because the battery can last 100 minutes. Besides, you can pre-set its cleaning time and allow it to get to work. Alternatively, you can control it manually.

  • Which one of these is best in the Eufy robot vacuum?

We would choose the Eufy 11S Max because it has some improvements not available in Eufy 11S. 


We have reached the end of our Eufy 11S vs Eufy 11S Max comparison article. If we have to pick one option for you, it will be Eufy 11S Max. Do you know why? It has all the features of the Eufy 11S and extra suction power. 

The additional sucking power means you can dislodge and vacuum dirt, dust mites, mold spores, and fur. As a result, you will pay a few extra dollars. If you do not own pets, you could probably do fine with the Eufy 11S.