Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675: A Head to Head Comparison

You would probably be looking for the best cleaning tool to meet all your expectations. But there are so many robotic vacuum cleaners available on the market. You are confused about which you really need to pick, right?

Well, Eufy 11S and Roomba 675 are the two best cleaners on the market. But which one is the best? Well, to be honest, Eufy 11S is a bit better than its rival. But in some cases, Roomba outruns Eufy 11s. 

To deal with such a labyrinth, we have come up with the Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675 comparison. Stay tuned buddy.

Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675: Which one is better? 

Both Eufy 11s slim and Roomba 675 come with different features and specifications. In some areas, the Eufy outperformed Roomba and vice versa. 

Let’s see the major comparisons between Eufy vs Roomba in the table, then move into the elaborate discussion.

Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675
Imageeufy 11s

Eufy 11s
roomba 675 revews

Roomba 675
DimensionHeight  72.39 mm, width 325.12 mm, weight 2.65 kgsHeight 93.98 mm, width 330.2 mm, weight 3.54 kgs
Audible noise55 dB62 dB
Bin capacity0.6l0.35l
Side brushes2Nil
Remote controlYesNo
Battery capacity2600 mAh1800 mAh
Battery backup100 min.90 min.
Charging time6 hours2 hours
Cleaning mood 32
Wi-fi supported NoYes
Voice commandNoYes
Mobile connectivityNoYes
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Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675
Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675


Eufy 11s is the clean winner in case of specifications. It has a height of 72.39 mm whereas the height of Roomba 675 is around 93.98 mm. Eufy 11s has a width of 325.12 mm. On the contrary, the Roomba 675’s width is 330.2 mm. The Eufy robovac is also lighter than Roomba. Their weight is 2.65 kgs and 3.54 kgs, respectively. 

Again, the audible noise for Eufy is around 55 dB, whereas the Roomba vacuum has an audible noise of 62 dB. The Eufy 11s provide a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, but Roomba 675 doesn’t come with such a filter.


The Eufy robotic vacuum is lighter, as we discussed before. It comes in both white and black in color. It offers you a built-in dust bin. The dust bin capacity is around 0.6l, which is quite good. It comes with two side brushes. 

Moreover, it’s pretty much quieter, so it will not cause you any distraction. It comes with remote control. The device doesn’t have a display, though. 

In contrast, the Roomba 675 is heavier and bulky. It comes in only one color, i.e. black. What’s interesting, however, it also provides a dust bin, but the capacity is 0.35l, which is less than 11s. 

It doesn’t have side brushes. Moreover, it is quite loud and can cause distraction when you are sleeping or working. Neither it has a remote control nor an electronic display.

Battery and charging

Both Eufy and Roomba come with a Lithium-ion(Li-ion) battery. The battery power of 11s is 2600 mAh, whereas the battery power of 675 is 1800 mAh. The runtime of the Eufy vacuum cleaner is 100 minutes. On the contrary, Roomba can run for 90 minutes on a single charge. 

Roomba 675 takes less charging time which is around 2 hours. But the Eufy 11s take more than 6 hours to charge. None of the devices has an overheating indicator.

Suction Capacity

Eufy 11s has more powerful suction power than Roomba 675. As it has a powerful suction of 1300 pascals, it can clean through every single piece of debris on your floor. 

The cleaner cleans everything on its way due to the duel side brushes. It outperforms the Roomba vacuum in the case of cleaning carpets too. 

Roomba 675, in contrast, has less suction power. It also has a single brush. This leads you to a less clean room as compared to an 11s.


The Eufy 11s and Roomba 675 are capable of cleaning all kinds of surfaces. Due to the stronger suction power, they both can clean the dirt and debris on your floor or carpet. They are compatible with a hard floor, hardwood floor, bare floor, carpet, medium pile carpet, tile, laminate, etc.

But as we can see, the Eufy robot vacuum clearly has a greater suction power. For example, it can clean a carpet 50% cleaner than a Roomba robotic vacuum.

Cleaning performance

Both vacuum cleaner comes with different cleaning moods like normal, manual, and spot cleaning moods. But Eufy 11s offers you an extra mood, i.e. edge cleaning mood. Both vacuum cleaner has a dirt sensor. 

In the case of mops, the Eufy 11s has a mopper. But unlike 11s, Roomba 675 doesn’t have a mopper inside. Both of them can automatically turn off once the whole floor is clean.


As we are going to talk about technology, here, the Roomba 675 outperforms the Eufy 11s. Eufy 11s comes with a remote controller, and it doesn’t support a mobile app. It also doesn’t support voice control like amazon associate or google assistant. What’s more, it doesn’t have an obstacle sensor either.

The Roomba 675, on the other hand, support mobile connectivity. It comes with an app that can be controlled by either an android phone or an iPhone. It also supports voice prompts like google assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can connect it with wifi. Unlike Eufy, it has an obstacle sensor.

Both of the cleaning tools support auto docking, and they both can be scheduled. When scheduled, they both can be auto-turned on and off. They both have an anti-fall sensor built-in.

Eufy 11s vs Roomba 675

Roomba 675 vs Eufy 11S: Which one is best for the Budget?

From the above comparison, you can clearly understand which is the better option for you. In our opinion, the Eufy 11s has greater perks than the Roomba 675. 

Eufy 11s has better dimension, better suction power, battery capacity, better power, and better design. If you want efficiency, then you should go for an 11s.

But if you are a lazy bum and searching for a more dependent robotic vacuum cleaner, then you should go for Roomba 675. It may not offer you much efficiency, but it’s more advanced and tech-based. It’s a more precise and controlled tool as you can control it through your voice command or with your phone.

So you can clearly understand that Eufy provides some extra for the cleaning process. And anything good comes at a higher price, isn’t it? Therefore, Eufy 11s is a bit costly. Roomba is, on the other hand, budget-friendly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is quieter Eufy or Roomba?

The audible noise for Eufy 11s is 55 dB, whereas a Roomba 675’s audible noise is 62 dB. This means the Eufy is quieter than a Roomba vacuum cleaner. You can sleep and work with an 11s without any distraction.

Is Eufy 11s worth it?

Yes, it’s worth the money. Though Eufy 11s is an expensive robot vacuum as compared to others, it’s worth every single penny. An 11s is so far the best Eufy robovac as it comes with a mediocre budget.

Which is better Eufy or Roomba?

Well, it is totally up to the user. The Eufy 11s provides more efficiency and fewer complications. But on the other hand, a Roomba 675 offers a user-friendly interface. You can control it with just a tap or command. 

Final Verdict

Roomba 675 is an excellent robot vacuum, especially the Roomba 600 series is renounced for their performance and navigation. Besides, it comes with a mobile app and wifi connectivity, which is also great.\

But the winner is Eufy 11s here. It has better efficiency, power, suction, and design. So in our opinion, Eufy 11s is the best robot vacuum cleaner so far.