Eufy 30c vs 30c Max: Head to Head Comparison

We all know about Robo Vacs, don’t we? What can be more interesting vacuum cleaners than Eufy 30C or 30C max? 

But here comes the crucial question– Eufy 30C vs Eufy 30C Max: which one is the ultimate winner between the two. Well, that’s not an easy-breezy query to answer in a word. 

So, what to do then? To ease your trouble, we have come up with a detailed comparison. Let’s start our discussion with 30C max then. 

5 reasons to buy Eufy 30c Max

  • Affordable
  • Good to clean pet hair
  • Comes with more power
  • Adjustable suction
  • Voice control

Eufy 30c vs 30c max: Features and specifications

Eufy 30c and Eufy 30c Max both are robot vacuums cleaner of the same brand. The 30c Max is the upgraded version. So, both have many similarities and also some differences. To learn them shortly, I hope this specification and features chart help you much.

Eufy 30c vs 30c Max
Imagerobovac 30c vacuumRobovac 30c max
Suction power1500Pa2000 Pa
Battery capacity2600 mAh2600 mAh
Noise55 dB55 dB
Charging time300 min300 min
Dust container600 ml600 ml
Weight5.95 lbs5.95 lbs
Height2.83 in2.83 in
Google assistantYesYes
Wi-Fi ConvenienceYesYes
BoostIQ TechnologyAvailableAvailable
3-Point Cleaning System YesYes
Runtime100 minutes100 minutes
Warranty12-month warranty12-month warranty
DetailsView on AmazonView on Amazon

Why should you purchase Eufy 30c Max?

Let’s see the Eufy 30c Max review. It will let you know why this model is good for you. Of course, this one has some extra advantages because it is upgraded to one of the previous models. However, let’s see some of the features that make it a desirable one.

  1. Performance,

The leading cause for buying Eufy 30c Max RoboVac is its performance. It can clean the surface properly within a short time. It comes with 2000 Pa, which makes it powerful. You can use the device to clean both hard floors and a floor with a rug and trim carpet. The run time is 100 minutes. 

So, it is enough to clean a large area. When it needs more power, it can automatically increase the suction rate.

Besides, it has a dust container of 600ml. The size is average for a robot vacuum cleaner. The low-profile design lets it go easily under most of the furniture and adequately cleans the area. Several cleaning modes are good for different dirt areas. 

  1. Remote control and routine cleaning

If you want to make a scheduled cleaning routine, you can do it with your Eufy 30c Max RoboVac. WiFi connectivity is available. You can use the necessary app to do this work. It gives you remote controlling ability via your mobile phone. Keep your floor clean without any effort.

  1. Boundary strip

You will get boundary strips set with this Robotic vacuum cleaner that works on dual-hall sensors. The boundary detection sensors detect the stripes you set to ensure cleaning in the required area.

Why should you purchase Eufy 30c?

You may find many options when you decide to purchase a cheaper robot vacuum cleaner. Among them, Eufy 30c is a good option. Of course, some better features make it a good choice for you.

Let’s see my Eufy 30c review that will help you decide.

  1. Price

If you are searching for a lower-rate robot vacuum cleaner with most of the updated features, this Eufy 30c is a better option for you. Wifi connectivity, voice control, and smart cleaning technology all are available in it.

  1. Low profile design

Eufy RoboVac 30c is designed so that it can go every corner and under your furniture to clean everywhere correctly. The diameter is 12.8 inches, and the height is 2.83 inches. The slim design is great for low furniture.

The tempered glass top and bronze body make the RoboVac attractive in a black frame. When you keep it for charging, the start button will seem orange, and when fully charged, it will look blue.

  1. Suitable for carpet

If you have carpet on the floor, this Eufy 30c is a good choice. When the device finds a rug, it automatically increases the suction power. And thus, it can also clean your carpet. It is the advantage of the BoostIQ feature. But the device is not suitable for high-piled carpets.

If you compare Eufy 15c vs. 30c, you must find 30c as the best.

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Eufy 30c vs 30c Max

Eufy 30c vs 30c max: Similarities and differences

Eufy 30c and 30C Max are of the same brand. Just 30c Max is the upgraded version. But most of the features of these two are almost the same.

BoostIQ technology

Eufy 30c and 30c Max have BoostIQ Technology. For this technology, the devices can increase suction power within 1.5 seconds. So, when the device detects carpet or more debris, the suction power rises automatically.

Boundary straps and Voice control

Both have boundary straps, WiFi connectivity, and remote control. The sensor allows the RoboVac to work into the boundary when you set the boundary straps. You can apply voice control and Amazon Alexa to control them. For this, an app is available. Download and install the app on your Smartphone and manage your RoboVac.


Now, you may want to know the differences between 30c and 30c Max. The main difference is their power. Eufy 30c comes with 1500Pa, and Eufy 30c Max comes with 2000Pa.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Which one is the best between Eufy 30c vs 30c Max?

Ans: If you compare both, you will find similarities except differences. Both are very similar. But 30C Max has more power than 30c.

Which one is the latest version between 30c and 30c Max?

Ans: Eufy 30c Max is the latest model. But it is nearly the same as the previous 30c model.

Final Verdict

From Eufy 30c VS 30c Max, it is clear that both are good at the price range. But 30c Max is the upgraded version. So, definitely, it has some extra benefits. So, if you have a budget, you can try 30c Max. 

You can also see Eufy 11s max review if you have a low budget. Robovac 11c, Eufy 15c, Robovac g30 are also good options. However, for your smart home, we highly recommend Eufy 30c Max.