How to Reset The iLife Robot Vacuum?

Cleaning homes can be easier with iLife robotic vacuum cleaners. Ilife vacuums can be the optimal cleaning tools for all of us because iLife is one of the best robot vacuum brands. It can clean hard floors, carpets, beds, sofas, and every corner of your house. 

But you can face some difficulties while operating the robot vacuum. In that case, you don’t have to worry. I will help you out with the solutions. If the iLife robot vacuum is not working, you must reset the operating system. In this article, 

But how to reset the iLife robot vacuum? Well, let’s explore. 

How do I reset my iLife robot vacuum?

Before resetting your iLife robot vacuum, you must remember it will lose previous settings. If you follow these instructions, you can reset the iLife robot vacuum. It will apply to all iLife vacuum models. 

Step:1: Prepare your vacuum to reset the vacuum 

Turn off the power switch and unplug your robot vacuum. Additionally, tap and hold the Power button for 10 seconds. 

Step:2: Process to reset the vacuum 

After 10 seconds, it will start to beep. Then you have to release the button. Moreover, plugin the power cord and turn on your robot vacuum. It will start with default settings. You need to set up your requirements. 

How to Reset The iLife Robot Vacuum

How to empty the iLife robot vacuum? 

Honestly, it is better to empty your vacuum when you reset it. I think cleaning up your vacuum will help you to reset it properly. Here I will let you know how you can empty your iLife robot vacuum cleaners. 

  • First, you must detach the bin from the vacuum by tapping on the bin release button and removing the screw. Start cleaning the dust bin. After that, you need to deep clean the bin with a microfiber cloth or a soft brush. 
  • When it comes to cleaning the filter, keep the bin aside. Tap and raise the filter door release button. Hold the yellow strip to detach the filter. 
  • Now you must clean the filter with a soft brush and tap it into the trash bin. Make sure all dirt has been cleaned. Again place the filter and tap into the metal lever to adjust. Place it on the floor and tap on the clean button. 

How to program the iLife robot vacuum? 

You might find it challenging to program the iLife robot vacuum. Now I will help you with the operating instructions. Nevertheless, you will find some buttons on the vacuum. Before programming your vacuum, you have to understand the requirements first. 

Furthermore, know the different modes. Select your cleaning cycle modes with the remote control. Also, you can schedule your cleaning time using the remote control. 

It will send a beeping sound to make you understand the program settings. That’s how you can program the iLife robot vacuum. 

How long does iLife take to charge? 

Regardless it depends on the iLife vacuum models. On average, it takes 5 hours to charge up the robotic vacuum fully. For charging your vacuum, you need to place it into the charging station and wait to complete it. 

Experts suggest not to turn off the charging base before completing the session. Otherwise, your iLife vacuum can start losing workability. Also, it can stop working correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does my iLife robot vacuum keep stopping? 

It can happen if your robot vacuum cleaner contains excessive debris or hair stuck into the wheels, main brush, and bins. Check the right wheel, bumper, cliff sensor, and suction system. Also, low battery mode can be the reason too. In that case, you have to charge it properly. Clean the wheels, brushes, dust bin, and vacuum filter regularly to eliminate this issue. 

  1. How to turn off the iLife vacuum? 

You can turn off your robot vacuum by pressing the OFF button. After that, remember to unplug the vacuum cleaner. 

  1. Does the iLife robot vacuum have an app? 

Yes. It comes up withILIFEHOME app. However, you can operate this with a WiFi connection. It helps to customize the settings and selected mode. 

  1. Why is my iLife vacuum not charging?

If your iLife loosens the charging contacts, it won’t charge. Besides, a damaged battery or charging pin can be one of the possible reasons. To solve this problem, replace it and connect it to the charging dock.

Final Thought 

All in all, now you know how to reset the iLife robot vacuum. While resetting it, you should clean the bin and filter. 

You can follow the method for iRobot Roomba i7, Roomba robot vacuum, Roborock s5, iLife a9, and other iLife robotic vacuum cleaner models as well. To know more about it, you can contact iLife customer service. 

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