How to Keep The Robot Vacuum From Going Under The Couch?

If you are going through this article, then you are a user of a robot vacuum cleaner, aren’t you? You might wonder how to keep the robot vacuum from going under the couch. 

Though robot vacuum has an amazing power of cleaning up this and that easily, it has a propensity of being stuck under sofa or couch. So what to do then? How to prevent robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture? 

Well, I know it’s more than annoying. That’s why I’ve come up with the solution. Stay tuned to the write-up to know more in detail. 

Why do robot vacuums get stuck under furniture?

If you are using a Roomba vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum of another brand, you know that it works on sensors that allow it to move on. 

But sometimes, the sensors do not work. For this reason, this tool can get stuck under a couch.

Besides, if debris and hair-type things get stuck under the robot vacuum, they can also get stuck and become slower. So, you should take care of it.

How to Keep The Robot Vacuum From Going Under The Couch?

When your robot vacuum gets stuck under furniture like a couch, it is not always easy to take it out. It is boring to do this work because we use robot cleaners to save our time. 

However, if you know some robot vacuum hacks, you can easily keep the robot vacuum from going under the couch. I am providing you with some helpful ways.

Bumper Extenders

You can use a bumper extender. This tool is rubber-made, and you can add it to your robot vacuum’s bumper. This DIY hack allows the vacuum to change its direction when near the furniture. So, it will not get under a couch. But, it is an effective way.

Can use pool noodles

Generally, we use the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean light and medium pile mats. However, it is not good to clean high pile carpets with a robot vacuum because the tool can get stuck in it. So, you should take steps to avoid your robot vacuum going on this type of carpet.

But how can you do it? Yes, the way is using a thing called pool noodles. Take some pool noodles and cut them from one side. Now add them to the sides of your carpet. Try to cover all the sides to make a barrier for your vacuum.

When your vacuum robot goes to the carpet, it will bump into the pool noodles and change its direction. It is not only for carpets. You can also add some of them to the place between the floor and couch. You will find this item in a store near your home.

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3M command hooks

Using 3M command hooks is a clever idea for a robot vacuum. Generally, you may need two hooks to add to the top side of the vacuum. Use glue to add them to the vacuum bumper on two sides. Then, when the device goes near the couch, the hooks bump into the couch, and thus, the device changes its direction.

Use furniture risers

The robot vacuums are nice-looking and small in size. The heights are between 3.8-9.65 inches. So, it can easily go under low elevation furniture and cannot come out. The device needs enough space under furniture to easily move under it.

So, the best economical trick is to use furniture risers to increase the height of the furniture. You can install them under furniture legs for the furniture like tables, beds, couches, etc. Thus, you can create enough space under the furniture to move the robot Roomba without getting stuck.

But all the furniture risers are not the same in size. So, choose the size by keeping in mind that they can make enough space. Go to the nearest hardware shop to purchase them. Besides, you can choose different types of furniture risers such as rubber, wood, aluminum, etc according to your preferences.

Use elevated furniture

If you are going to purchase new furniture for your home, you can choose elevated furniture considering your robot vacuum cleaner. Like some other ideas, the primary purpose is to increase the space under the furniture for the vacuum device.

Make Bock The Furniture With Boundary Markers

The modern robot vacuums come with boundary markers. Shark IQ, Roomba, Coredy, Eufy, and vacuum can form the boundaries. Some of them can form magnetic edges, and some of them can create virtual walls. 

After forming the lines, your robot vacuum cannot cross them. Though forming the boundaries has pros and cons, you can try it if you cannot try other practical ways.

How to take out your robot cleaner under the couch?

You can prevent the Roomba robot vacuum go under the couch by following the above tips and tricks. But if there is no way to do them and if your robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck under furniture, you need to get it out.

Use sofa risers or other risers for furniture to take it out. If you have a problem, uninstall the risers after taking out the robot vacuum cleaner. But it is better to find out the permanent type solution.


We always love to lead a hassle-free life. Modern equipment makes our busy lives more manageable. Such modern equipment is the best robot vacuum cleaner. We use it for cleaning purposes. 

But while using a device, you may face some problems. But of course, there are some ways to prevent them. So, try them and be happy!