Why Does My Vacuum Keep Shutting Off Mid-cleaning

When you invest in a vacuum cleaner, the idea is to make sure you enjoy a clean and comfy environment. But is it normal for a new product to have issues less than a month after buying? If not, why does my vacuum keep shutting off mid-cleaning? And is there a way I can fix the problem without having to pay a technician my fifty bucks?

Well, sadly, all machines tend to develop some technical or mechanical issues at some point in life. Even with what would seem like the best robot vacuum, some of the malfunctions are usually hard to avoid.

A perfect example of these malfunctions is when the vacuum keeps shutting off suddenly when cleaning. It’s not just frustrating and will take longer to complete the normal cleaning routine. But you may end up paying the repairman or disposing of the device when the issue was something you could solve within seconds.

What’s Your Type of the Vacuum Cleaner that Keeps Shutting Off?

In this guide, I’ll take you through the most common reasons why your vacuum keeps shutting off before you finish cleaning. It also covers how you can efficiently resolve the issue without any special tools or skills. But before we can come to that, what type of vacuum cleaner do you have in your home?

  1. Do You Have A Corded Or Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

While the idea behind either is to pick up the dirt, corded and cordless vacuums usually work slightly differently. In the corded design, the power cable must plug into the electrical outlet all the time to accommodate its high motor suction.

On the other hand, the cordless vacuum cleaner relies on a rechargeable battery to run. And for this reason, the models available will have slightly less motor suction.

  • Do You Have A Upright, Stick, Canister, Or Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

When looking for a vacuum cleaner, you can settle with either an upright, stick, canister or robot design. The robot vacuum is unique as all brands are only battery-powered, whereas the rest can be on corded or cordless power.

In a smart robot like the Samsung jet bot AI+, there are also features like the “full bin” Sensors. And as you shall see shortly, they can cause the machine to shut off and fail to start in some scenarios.

But again, the other types of vacuums have unique makeup too, with some features unavailable in the other designs. A good example is the canister vacuum with a telescopic tube and hose to carry the dirt to the collecting bag.

  • Do You Have A Portable Vacuum Cleaner?

If you have a portable vacuum cleaner, a good chance is that it’s running off batteries- but others require plug-in power. Some options will come with an add-on extension crevice nozzle and or a flexible hose.

So, like the rest, the little guy can keep shutting off for several reasons.

Why Does My Vacuum Keep Shutting Off?

The seven reasons a vacuum can shut off before starting or completing a cleaning include:

  • The Vacuum Motor is Overheating

The first reason your vacuum may keep shutting off is when the motor has overheated. It can happen after overworking your machine or when the spinning shaft has clogged up with dirt & debris.

Unfortunately, this feature affects all types of vacuum cleaners since they require the motor to create the suction power.

Why Does My Vacuum Keep Shutting Off
Robot Vacuum


The first way to prevent your vacuum motor from overheating is to make sure you use it controllably. Some manufacturers will provide a maximum time limit you should run your machine continuously. But in most, you’ll have to come up with your own cool-off period depending on the brand owned.

In the case of a clogged-up motor, the solution will be to remove the debris around the area. You must also make sure the right pre-motor filter is available to minimize the risk of dust reaching the component.

  • The Motor Air Filters are Clogged Up

The air filter is a crucial component in all types of vacuum cleaners. It helps trap the tiny dust and dirt that may be trying to reach the motor and other internal parts.

When the vacuum filters are too dirty and clogged up, it becomes difficult for the motor to get cool air. Hence, the reason I’ve just said you should check it out if your motor has been shutting off (from overheating).


The quickest fix for dirty air filters is to just clean them. Some filters, like those in the Eufy Robovac 11s, are washable in water, but others can only be dry-cleaned.

When looking at how long a robot vacuum last, we concluded you should clean the pre-motor filters at least once/ twice a week. But after 2-3 months of use, make sure you change the parts with new ones for maximum efficiency.

  • The Vacuum Intake Port Has Clogged Up

When the intake port has clogged with dirt and debris, your vacuum may also keep shutting off due to the motor overheating.


The fix here is to just clean the mess around the intake port of your vacuum cleaner. It’s pretty straightforward to clean the intake for portable and robot vacuums. But for the upright and canister vacuums, it might take a while from the long tube.

Speaking of the tube, you might have to replace the hose for your vacuum that uses one to suck up the dirt. But make sure you use the correct replacement part to avoid further issues.

  • The Vacuum exhaust Port has Blockage

Most people tend to put a lot of focus on the vacuum intake port & filters. But the machine is also likely to overheat and shut off if dirt and debris are blocking the exhaust port.


Make sure the crevices at the exhaust port are free of dirt and debris. You should also clean the air filter in the area and replace it when worn out.

  • The Vacuum Full Bin Sensor is Dirty/ Faulty

Yes, dirty “Full Bin” sensors can also cause your robot vacuum to shut off and fail to start a cleaning cycle. The issue can also happen if the sensors have malfunctioned and work partly.


The issue is only applicable to the smart robot vacuum cleaners with the “Full Bin” program. So, watch out for the signs from the indicator onboard your robot or the mobile app.

In case the “Full Bin” indicators are on, empty the dust bin and wipe the sensors with a soft, dry cloth. If the indicators are still active, the sensors in question may be faulty and need repairing/ replacing.

  • The Vacuum Power Cord Have Insufficient Power

If you have a corded vacuum cleaner, the electrical wires inside the power supply cable tend to wear and break over time. When you use the appliance, the state of the wires will cause the electrical currents to cut in and out. Hence, causing the vacuum to keep shutting off during cleaning cycles.

If your home area is experiencing low power voltages or fluctuations, your appliances may also keep powering on and off.


In the event of inconsistent power voltages, wait for the local power company to restore normalcy before using your vacuum again. And if the issue is a faulty power supply cord, replace or repair it accordingly.

  • The Vacuum Batteries have Insufficient Power

Well, one of the common reasons why cordless vacuum keeps shutting off is when the battery onboard can no longer keep charge. It can also happen if you’re trying to operate the machine on a more powerful motor than the original.


The first fix here is to make sure the battery of your vacuum usually gets fully charged. If the machine charges well but still keeps shutting off, it means the battery has degraded and needs replacing.

In the case of motor replacement for your robot, always use the correct model with a similar power rating as the original.

Retire the Vacuum When Time Comes

In conclusion, the seven are the most common reasons why your vacuum keeps shutting off before finishing a cleaning cycle. And as mentioned earlier all the fixes are something you can do all on your own.

If keen, you’ll notice the various solutions revolve around the care and maintenance of your vacuum. In most parts of the machine, you’ll have to clean them at least once per week and others on monthly basis.

Nonetheless, every machine has a particular life expectancy. If your vacuum keeps shutting off but has served you a couple of years, it may be time to retire.

Say it’s a robot vacuum, as this is where I’m well experienced, a sudden power down can happen for many reasons. Batteries, circuit boards, “Full Bin” sensors, side wheels, and edge brushes, are some of the parts that can cause this issue when faulty.

So, the best solution here will be to replace the whole appliance. Otherwise, you may replace the battery today, then the edge brush or circuit board fails the next day.

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