Neato D10 VS Roomba S9: Which Vacuum Cleaner Suits Your Home Best?

Vacuum cleaners work faster and more efficiently than brooms and brushes. But they are useless without human effort. If become immobile due to sickness or disability, you would need someone to operate your vacuum cleaner. We now have robot vacuum cleaners, thanks to Neato and iRobot. The two pioneered the robot cleaning technology and have eliminated humans from the equation.

They will thoroughly clean your floors and carpets without much effort from you. In this review, we will do a Neato D10 vs Roomba S9 comparison.

Product Specifications Comparison Table

Neato D10 vs Roomba S9

Neato D10 Price

Roomba S9 Price
Dimensions12.71 x 13.22 x 3.99 inches12.25 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches
Mapping and NavigationLaserSmart SLAM with LIDARvSLAM with top camera
Automatic emptyingNoneYes
Bin Size0.7 liters0.55liters
Name of the AppMyNeatoiRobot Home
Controller TypeHand, Google Assistant, Amazon AlexaVera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Battery Type and charging timeLithium-ion, 3 hoursLithium-ion, 5hours
Multiple floors
Smart Mapping
Warranty1 year limited1 year limited
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1. Neato D10 Review

Neato D10 is an intelligent Robot Vacuum in brushed silver color. It can clean your carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors. Neato D10 uses hand control, Google assistant IOS, Amazon Alexa, and Android. Its key features include:

  • True HEPA filter – The pleated design filter can trap allergens with an accuracy rate of 99.97%. It can also catch the tiniest dust particles (0.3 microns) without tampering with the vacuum’s suction force.
  • 300 minutes runtime – Most robot vacuums offer 100 minutes runtime but the Neato D10 can clean for 200 minutes long. Also, it boasts an Eco mode for saving battery life while optimizing performance.
  • Exclusive Max mode – Besides the Eco mode and Turbo mode, Neato D10 also includes the exclusive Max mode. It ensures that your floors are spotless.
  • Oversized brush and bin – Most Neato robot cleaners have a D-shape and the D10 is no exception. Having this shape enables the D10 to have a brush that is seventy percent larger than any round robot has. It also comes with a 0.7liter trash bin which does not require regular emptying.
  • Quick Boost – Using the Quick Boost technology, the Neato D10 robot can figure out how much energy it needs to complete a long task and hop to the charging base to increase battery power. After that, the clever robot resumes cleaning right from where it stopped earlier.

2. Roomba S9 Review

The iRobot Roomba S9 is a black and stylish D-shaped robot cleaner. Using Vera, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa controller types, the Roomba S9 offers true automation. Just like the Neato D10, the S9 uses a lithium-ion battery. Its key features include

  • Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal – The S9 can empty itself for two months.
  • 3-stage cleaning system – Roomba S9 cleans with 40 times more suction power to lift, loosen, and get rid of dirt and fur from carpets. It will automatically boost its suction strength to match the complexity of the task.
  • PerfectEdge Technology – The S9 robot vacuum’s PerfectEdge technology uses sophisticated sensors and a unique corner brush to extract dirt from hidden places.
  • Dual Rubber Brushes – These are thirty percent wider brushes that can deep-clean your corners and nooks without trapping hair.
  • VSLAM navigation – The Roomba S9 is a super-smart robot with the ability to figure out your home and create Smart Maps for easier navigation. With its Careful Drive Mode, the S9 can detect barriers, steer clear of them, and remove the mess around them. Also, it will dodge objects taller than 2.5cm tall.
  • Immediate service – As soon as you drop some bread crumbs, the Roomba S9 can help. It will get under the table and clean as soon as it recognizes your voice. You can initiate this via the iRobot Home app.
  •  Smart Mapping – Get a robot that can clearly tell where it is at in your big house. Roomba S9, via the Keep Out Zones feature, knows the areas it should avoid.

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Neato D10 VS Roomba S9

Neato D10 vs Roomba S9 – Similarities

What is similar about these two robot vacuums? Here is what we found out:

  • Body design – TheNeato D10 and Roomba S9 have a D-shaped body, which promotes brush movements.
  • Oversized brush – If a robot vacuum has a D-shape, it will accommodate a wider brush than a round-shaped robot. The Neato D10 and the Roomba S9 robots are no exception. With each pass, they can trap more dirt, pet fur, and dust particles.
  • Smart Navigation technology – Both of these robot vacuums use mapping technology to track where they are in your house. They are smart enough to know when the battery needs an extra charge and can access the charging base without your help.
  • Voice control – The Neato D10 and Roomba S9 boast voice control capability. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, and Android phones, these robots can honor your voice commands. They also include Wi-Fi to enable remote cleaning.

Neato D10 vs Roomba S9: the differences

For you to choose the best item between these two, you should know how they differ from each other. Here are the differences:

  • Targeted Users – If you have a small house, you might like the Roomba S9 robot vacuum best. On the other hand, the Neato D10 could be a better choice if your home is large. On a single charge, the D10 can cover 2,700 square feet.
  • Runtime – If you need a robot cleaner that can clean longer on a single charge, the Neato D10 could be it. With its 300 runtimes, you can clean up to 2,700 square feet. In contrast, the Roomba S9’s runtime is 120 minutes. Hence, you can vacuum for 180 more minutes using the D10.
  • Equipment size – The Neato D10 size dimensions are12.71 x 13.22 x 3.99 inches and it weighs 3.67pounds. On the other hand, the Roomba S9 is12.25 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches big and weighs 8.2 pounds. Thus, you can see that the D10 is larger but weighs less while S9 is smaller but weighs more. Having slightly larger dimensions means that the D10 requires more storage space than the Roomba S9.
  • Dirt Disposal mechanism – As you saw in the features section, the S9 comes with an automatic dirt disposal system. It is a self-emptying robot that does not need your hands at all. On the contrary, the Neato D10 robot lacks the automatic feature and will require your hands for emptying. Thus, the winner is the S9. The Neato D10 trash bin is 0.7liters while the S9 bin is 0.55liters. Thus, the D10 bin can handle more dirt and require fewer emptying times. On the other hand, the S9 bin is smaller and requires more emptying times. Fortunately, you do not need to empty the bin as the S9 robot will clean its mess.
  • Navigation style – The D10 consists of Neato’s LaserSmart SLAM technology with LIDAR. Hence, it can figure out your home, create maps, remove dirt, and access the darkest areas. Quite the opposite, the Roomba S9 uses vSLAM mapping and navigation technology with a top camera. While it can cleverly tell where it is and know where to clean, the S9 must use light to clean the dark corners.In this case, the Neato D10 is a clear winner because it does not depend on artificial or natural light to access dark corners. Even the ability to see dark corners, the position of the corner brush in the S9 allows it to get dirt from its hiding places.
  • Battery life and charging time – We support the Neato D10 in this context. It can last 1.5 hours more, which translates to a few trips to the charging station. Still, the D10 charges in 3 hours, which is a shorter time than the S9’s 5 hours.
  • Filtration system – The Neato D10 might be a better pick for someone with allergies because it comes with the HEPA filter.As we said earlier, the HEPA filter is 99.97% effective at trapping allergens and micro-particles.In this context, the S9 is not the best for a family with a dust allergy.
  • Cleaning modes – Both items offer Eco and Turbo cleaning modes. Nonetheless, the D10 provides an extra mode known as the MAX mode for deep-cleaning high traffic areas. Regardless, the S9’s position of the side brush enables it to clean all types of surfaces better.

Best Performing robot vacuum – Is it Neato D10 or Roomba S9?

These robot vacuums are capable of producing the best results. Each has unique features that enable it to fulfil its promises. But if we have to choose the best between the two, we would go for the Roomba S9. Here are the reasons why you should buy the Roomba S9:

  • Spare parts availability – If something wrong happens to your S9 robot vacuum, you can find a replacement part much easily. Since iRobot has been here much longer than Neato, the spare parts for their robot vacuums are everywhere online. We are not saying that you cannot find Neato’s spare parts. Neato replacement parts are available but the collection is not as vast as iRobot’s.
  • Better performance – Even if the D10 has SLAM technology with LINDER, its iAdapt Mapping feature is more basic than the Roomba S9’s. Again, the D10 is larger and does not maneuver more naturally than the S9. Besides, the S9 can duck items taller than 2.5cm and get under the table as soon as you voice-command it.
  • Automatic emptying – When comparing the Neato D10 vs Roomba S9, the latter is better because it is a self-emptying robot. The D10 could be equally reliable had it come with the auto-emptying option.
  • Superior app – The iRobot Home app is able to do selective room cleaning and keep out of certain zones. On the contrary, MyNeato app does not have these helpful features.

There are certain situations that can make you prefer the Neato D10 to Roomba S9. One of these is having a bigger house. As the Neato D10 offers more runtime, longer battery life, and less charging time, it can be ideal for people with large homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roomba S9+ clean in the dark?

It cannot thoroughly clean in the dark because it uses a top-camera for navigation, although the included sensor may somehow help. The camera uses the natural or artificial light to capture an image.

Do robot vacuums work on black floors?

Only a robot vacuum with a dual cliff sensor will clean black floors effectively. If you turn this off, they will think that the black floor is a cliff.

Does the Roomba S9 need light?

Yes, it needs light to ensure the camera works flawlessly.

Which is better for pet hair?

The Roomba S9 can collect pet hair without some getting entangled. The bristles brushes on Roomba S9 make your cleaning work easier. Moreover, someone with more pets at home can rely more on Roomba S9 because it empties itself. The Neato D10 requires manual emptying even if it has a larger trash bin.

Is iRobot or Neato better?

Both are pioneer brands for robot vacuum technologies. Nevertheless, the iRobot products are more popular for having more advanced and helpful features. Depending on your specific needs, sometimes the Neato robots are better than iRobots.


As our Neato D10 vs Roomba S9 comparison guide approaches the end, have you decided the best choice for you? Although we categorically like the Roomba S9, we by no means underestimate the Neato D10. It is a very good choice for someone with a large area to clean.

Boasting more battery life and less charging time, the Neato D10 is reliable. The Roomba S9’s automatic emptying and advanced iAdapt mapping technology make it more attractive to us. But when we consider affordability, the Neato D10 is cheaper and ideal for someone with a small budget.