Neato Vacuum Troubleshooting: How to Troubleshoot Neato Vacuum

Neato vac is a pretty famous house-helping robot that cleans your mess regularly. But just like other machines, you will encounter issues with your neato vac. It would help if you knew the neato vacuum troubleshooting procedure properly. So, how do you troubleshoot the machine?

Navigation and connectivity are the two common issues you can face with your neato vac. You need to know the error codes and their meanings to solve the navigation problem. Install a proper floor plan. Check your Wi-Fi connection, speed, router settings, and battery health to resolve the connectivity issues.

If you fail to troubleshoot or show no result from the troubleshooting, you need to contact customer care quickly. But most problems are pretty to solve by yourself.

Neato Vacuum Troubleshooting

It’s pretty tough to find time and clean the housing mess regularly. So, a neato vacuum can be your cleaning partner and clean the mess effectively. 

But the problems arrive when your neato vac shows some troubles and doesn’t work correctly. In such situations, you need to troubleshoot your neato immediately.

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Navigation Issues And Their Solutions

As the neato vacuum uses navigation to detect dirt and clean them with suction, most troubles come from the navigation section. Here’s how:

Showing “Please Clear My Path”

It may appear because of the environment of the house and too much hindrance on the path.

First, follow the general maintenance guidelines: clean the sensors, lasers, wheels, brushes, and bumpers. Remove the obstacles from the path of your vac. If the error remains, restart your vac after 30 seconds. 

And as the final solution, contact the nearest customer care.  

Unable To Continue Cleaning Task

Typically, a neato vac can easily remove all the dirt and keep the room shiny. But if it fails to clean all the areas or the floor remains dirty after cleaning, there must be a problem with the vac.

Check the physical appearance of the vac. Check the floor height difference in missing places. Get the vac back to its base and restart.

Showing “Please Press Ok And Continue”

When this message shows on the screen with the number code, you must go through the general maintenance guideline. Then try to power cycle your neato. 

For that, press the start button and hold it for 30 seconds. If the light turns on after a few minutes and you hear the start-up sound, the vac’s ready to go.

Ignoring No-Go Lines

You must take immediate steps if the vacuum robot continuously ignores the no-go line instructions.

First of all, check the environment and surroundings for obstacles. Then compare the result of the app map and visuals. You will find the errors. After that, redraw the no-go lines and save them from further instructions.

Improper Docking

If you notice your robot is not docking correctly, it must be some problem with the charging base and sensors.

To solve the issue, you must ensure that the charging base stays on a solid surface and has a 3 feet-clear area around it. Please don’t put it where direct sunlight takes place. 

After that, clean the sensors correctly. And don’t forget the laser module.

Error Codes

Whenever there are navigation issues with your neato vac, you will see error codes on the screen of the vac. These codes typically mean vision block, stuck bumper, obstacle on path, etc.

There’s a detailed explanation of these codes in the manual. If you don’t know the meaning of the code, search in the manual and act accordingly.

Not Checking The Surroundings

If your neato vac stops getting past “checking surroundings”, you need to check the charging base quickly.

The charger base should have a flat surface. Check whether the base location and your furniture are within 15 feet of the base. When troubleshooting is not working, you can call the professional or recreate a floor plan.

Connectivity Issues

It’s also quite bothersome beside the navigation problems. So, you need to find the causes and troubleshoot immediately.

Failure To Connect

The reason for connection failure can be weak internet, improper router settings, not signing in the account, etc.

So, you should check the connection if you fail to connect your neato to the internet. Connect your neato vac after hearing the chime. Go to the router settings and check ISP. Check the account sign-in.

Won’t Charge

This problem could be because of the faulty battery and faulty charging deck. So check the battery and base and change them if needed.

Frequent Disconnections

You need to check the Wi-Fi speed and try 2.4 GHz. Update the neato vac software. Try power cycle 1 or 2 times. If none of them work, contact the neato authority. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the neato stop sucking?

The most common reason why the vacuum stops sucking is the filled bin. A dirty filter is also a reason for this issue.

So, empty the bin and clean the filter as early as possible. Sometimes there might be some connectivity issues that can stop the suction of your neato vacuum.

Why is there a red light on my neato vac?

When a red LED light blinks or turns on automatically, your neato vac needs quick maintenance. It can also indicate something related to navigation issues. 

You can troubleshoot your neato vac if the problem remains after completing the maintenance.

What’s the lifespan of a neato battery?

The average lifespan of a neato battery is about 100 to 150 recharges. That means you reduce the device’s lifespan when you send the vac back to recharge. The proper use of neato is to charge it 1 or 2 times per week. In this way, your neato battery can last about eight months.

Final Words

Neato vacuum works great to keep the house clean. You don’t even need to operate it manually. But the navigation and connectivity issues could be bothersome. But you can solve them if you know the techniques.

Hopefully, you have learned the neato vacuum troubleshooting procedure from the discussion. Whenever you encounter one of those problems, you can efficiently deal with it with our proper guidelines. So, don’t be afraid if your vac stops working. Please find out the problem and solve it right away!