How To Reset Samsung Robot Vacuum Successfully Without Bricking

Samsung is one of the brands to consider when looking for the best robot vacuum for hardwood or any other type of floor. It still has some issues like any other machine from other brands. But there’s always a quick way how to reset Samsung robot vacuum and have it work to your desires.

Whether you have the smart Samsung jet bot AI+ with visual navigation or the basic Jet Bot, these hacks are usually universal. The company has innovated all the robotic vacuums with various similar key features. A perfect example is the “Emergency” power switch to reboot and mobile apps compatible with all devices.

So, in our guide on how to reset Samsung robot vacuum, we’ll be covering all the series. The steps are pretty straightforward for even the non-tech savvy. And for that, it’s worth a try instead of paying a technician $50 to play with it for 20 minutes.

The #4 Times You May Need to Reset Your Samsung Robot Vacuum

As I’ve just mentioned, the Samsung robot vacuum is just like any other device. And no matter how good it is, you’ll encounter some issues once in a while.

However, different problems usually require different fixes. Say you want to stop the robot vacuum from getting stuck on carpets, a reset here will be unnecessary. It might actually be ineffective if the machine has a dumb navigation system that can’t differentiate dark patterns from a cliff. 

In any case, the various situations you may want to reset the Samsung robot vacuum include when:

  • You Want To Remove The previous Configuration

The first situation where you might want to know how to reset Samsung robot vacuum is so you can remove all old settings. It’s applicable in cases where you purchase or receive a used product from a relative.

You must clear the data of the previous owner before you can set it up again to use.

  • The Robot Vacuum Appears To Be Offline

Network issues are one of the causes of a “connection failure” error on the app of your Samsung robot vacuum.  It can occur when your home internet is disconnected (by a power loss or provider) or the vacuum has a hardware/ firmware problem.

How To Reset Samsung Robot Vacuum

The hardware issue, in this case, can be the built-in WiFi modem has malfunctioned and needs repairing. Then the firmware issue can be from either interface glitches or an incorrect configuration, which now can be solved with a reset.

  • You want to Change the WiFi Connection

Well, it also becomes easier to change the network details if you know how to reset Samsung robot vacuum by yourself. It’s applicable when you have changed your old router credentials or have moved to another ISP with different details.

  • The Robot Vacuum isn’t Responsive

Again, your robot can also freeze up and fail to start, just like any computerized machine. The issue, of course, is common when debris has stuck between the wheels or brushes. But other times it can occur from an incorrect configuration, which you might need to do a reset to resolve.

Ps. When the old Samsung robot vacuum has an issue with the main (PCB) circuit board, it will display error C11.

The Easy Ways How to Reset Your Samsung Robot Vacuum

If your Samsung robot vacuum has either of the four issues, you can do a reset to get it back on track. But resetting should be the last resort after all the troubleshooting options for the particular error you’re having have failed.

For instance, your robot can freeze when the main PCB has overheated after doing some heavy runs nonstop.  And in such a case, a reboot with the dedicated  “Emergency” button could solve the issue.

To do that, you just need to:

  1. Turn over your Samsung robot vacuum and locate the red “Emergency” switch on the bottom. If you have the Jet Bot series, this button is now on the side with the initials “O” and “I”.
  2. Once you’ve located the “Emergency” button, switch it to the (O) off position and wait for a few minutes. Maybe go and have a cup of coffee.
  3. Next, turn the “Emergency” switch back to the (I) on position and wait for it to boot.
  4. After the robot has fully booted, it would correct the error it was showing.

If your Samsung robot vacuum is still not working, make sure the area around the brush, wheels, and sensors is clean. Then, turn the “Emergency” button back on and wait for the device to boot.

If still unsuccessful, you can now proceed to reset the machine. The process will delete the old configurations, including your cleaning preferences, save maps, time/ language settings, and smart home synchronization. Hence, the reason you should do it as the last resort.

The Easy Way How to Reset Samsung Robot Vacuum Right

Sadly, the Samsung robot vacuum doesn’t have a dedicated button to hard reset. I’ve seen some people call the “Emergency” switch a reset button. But, technically, what this button does is reboot your system. It hardly sets your system to factory default- after turning it back on, the settings and data will be intact.

The only “official” way how to reset Samsung robot vacuum successfully is to use the software interface. And to do that, you’ll only need to:

Step 1: Launch the mobile app  (Smart Home/ SmartThings) you’re using with your Samsung robot vacuum

Step 2:Tap on the ellipsis (three dots) in the top right corner of your device to display the hidden “Settings” tab.

Step 3: Click the “Settings” tab and then select the “Connected Members” option.

Step 4: Choose your Samsung robot vacuum model from the list of devices under the “Connected Members”

Step 5: Tap the “Reset” button and press the blue “OK” to confirm your choice

Step 6: After tapping the “OK” button, wait for your robot to complete restoring to the default settings. It will only take about 5-10 seconds depending on the data (for mapping) saved.

Side Note: Forcibly Removing the Samsung Robot Vacuum from the App

When you reset your Samsung robot vacuum, it will automatically get out of the list of “Connected Members”. You’ll have to add it back to the app as a new system, including pairing it with your WiFi and adjusting cleaning preferences.

However, on the SmartThings app, you can remove the robot from the app under the “SmartThings Find” tab. It takes the same approach to delete the phone you no longer use from the application.

But from my experience with security cameras and phones,  forcibly removing the robot could cause the issue of bricking. The risk is usually low, for sure. However, fate may have plans for your unit, and be the unlucky few.

Contact the Customer Care for Further Assistant

In conclusion, that’s how to reset Samsung robot vacuum right without the risk of bricking it. And as promised, you can see all the steps are so easy to do even without any technical skills.

However, do remember the reset will restore the robot to factory defaults if the process is successful. You’ll have to add it afresh as a brand new device to the app to be able to manage it on the mobile app again.

If still you have trouble with your Samsung robot vacuum, you can contact customer care via online chat or Text “SUPPORT” at 1-800-726-7864.

Before the team can resolve your issue, you may have to use your product traditionally with the physical buttons onboard or remote control.

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