The Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Carpet with Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head

Are you in a situation where you never seem to have clean floors? Perhaps you work around the clock and hardly have the time to clean up the mess from your furry companion? If yes, investing in the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet might be the ideal solution you need.

Well, of course, you’ll find most brands of robot vacuums claim can handle the two surfaces with no issue. But the reality of it all is that only a few options can work well on carpets, especially the thick and fluffy kind.

And the “work well” in this case refers to not only the robot’s skills to suck up the debris on the carpet. But also its ability to hover and also auto-adjust the cleaning head of the different floors without issues.

What’s the Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors & Carpets?

In the selections I’ve gone through, the iRobot Roomba 675 is the overall best Robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets. It has the best balance of pricing, performance, and convenience, as we shall see shortly.

But you could also check out the Roomba J7+ for a smarter cleaning option or the Eufy Robovac 11s if on a tight budget.

Features multi-surface brushes, auto-adjust cleaning head, adaptive cleaning pattern, infrared navigation technology, smartphone support, & Alexa/ Google Assistant support

Comes with an IR remote control, slim profile, triple-filter system, four cleaning modes, BoostIQ program, scheduled cleaning mode, & drop-detect sensors

Features a built-in spotlight camera, smart mapping, self-emptying home base, auto-recharge & resume, auto-adjust cleaning head, smartphone support, & P.O.O.P support

Pros, & Cons of the Various Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors & Carpets

Here’s a comprehensive mini-reviews of the various robot vacuums you can consider for hardwood floors and carpets. I’ve made efforts to include not only the positive attributes but also the most common hidden flaws you should know before buying.

1. Best Overall: iRobot Roomba 675 Adaptive Robot Vacuum

Roomba 675

The Roomba 675 is my first recommendation if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced but quality robot vacuum for hardwood floors & carpets. I’m not happy with the missing remote control device, for sure. But almost everything else works well, which is pretty justifiable with the positive ratings on the market (41,000+ reviews on Amazon).

If we start with the performance, the Roomba vacuum has the standard cleaning suction power (iRobot usually doesn’t advertise the exact amount). But it’s able to clean well on hard floors like vinyl planks or hardwood well and also get out most of the debris on the carpets.

The black robot assumes an adaptive cleaning pattern that works on your floors randomly but efficiently. Then it’s able to automatically adjust the height of its cleaning head to ensure the best results when on a hardwood floor with part carpet.

Furthermore, Roomba installed the robot vacuum with superior cliff detect sensors. So, you won’t need to worry about the equipment falling down the stairs or cliffs when working on its own.


  • It has a reasonable pricing
  • Features a well-made, sturdy design
  • Has innovative “dirt detect” technology
  • Cleans hardwood floors thoroughly & fast
  • Picks debris on even thick, fluffy rags well
  • It includes manual controls for when WiFi is down


  • The dirt collector gets full pretty fast
  • Lacks smart navigation & personalized cleaning
  • It might struggle to find its way back to the home base

2. Best of Budget: Eufy (Anker) Robovac 11s Slim Robot Vacuum

At $140, the Eufy Robovac 11s is no doubt the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet if on a tight budget. Yes, you’ll miss some latest features like the smartphone compatibility & Alexa control. But everything else works fine.

For instance, the robot vacuum has a 2.8-inch slim design, synonymous with its name. Thus, it has minimal risk of getting stuck under cabinets with a clearance area of three inches.

Secondly, the specs sheet that comes with the robot vacuum cleaner shows to have a 1300pa (or 1.3kpa) suction power. And while not the strongest, the power is enough to pick up dust and debris on hard floors and low-pile carpets.

More on that, Eufy by Anker designed the cordless robot vacuum with its signature BoostIQ technology. So, the machine can effectively switch between the low and high power settings while cleaning hardwood floors with part carpet.


  • It’s so affordable to purchase
  • Straightforward to start & operate
  • Can still work decently in darkness
  • Comes with a remote-control device
  • Supports manual & scheduled cleaning mode
  • It’s slightly quieter than most while cleaning


  • It lacks smartphone/ WiFi compatibility
  • Not compatible with magnetic virtual barriers
  • It takes longer to complete cleaning a large room

3. Best of Design: iRobot Roomba J7+ (Camera) Robot Vacuum

If you won’t mind parting with half a grand, the Roomba J7+ has nearly everything you’ll want in a robot vacuum. The self-emptying base unit is the first bestselling feature. And just as the name advertises, your robot will always have an empty dust collector before heading out to clean.

The second great feature is a smart navigation system that should help the robotic cleaner detect and avoid cords, socks, and other common objects. Then, the P.O.O.P ( pet owner official promise) program guarantees pet poop avoidance.

And since the navigation system comprises a built-in camera, you can get snapshots of the obstacles the Roomba encountered during every cleaning cycle.

The wireless vacuum cleaner also has smart mapping where you can set the rooms to be cleaned and when (days and time). Then, you could also personalize your preferred cleaning suggestions, such that it cleans several times a day during the pet-shedding season.


  • It feels sturdy & durable
  • Has a built-in spotlight camera
  • You can customize keep-out zones
  • Cleans the surfaces in pretty neat rows
  • Supports auto-recharge & resume cleaning
  • It also has geofencing to clean after leaving


  • It still likes to bump into the walls & furniture
  • Relatively loud when self-emptying the dust collector
  • The suction power is still lacking to deep-clean carpets

4. Best of Deal: Shark (AV1010AE) Smart IQ Robot Vacuum

Indeed, you can check out Shark (AV1010AE) if looking for a good deal on a robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets. You’ll still have to place down up to $400, for sure. But it’s totally worth it, considering what you get in return.

In fact, the robot vacuum rivals the Roomba J7-series above in most of the features. And that starts with the self-emptying base that the company claims can go for up to 45 days before you need to pour out.

Secondly, the robotic vacuum cleaner has an advanced navigation system, with a built-in camera (on top). Thus, can map your entire home for selective cleaning when you don’t want to do the entire home.

Furthermore, the Shark team innovated the digital vacuum with an auto-recharge and resume cleaning program. Then, it has a multi-surface brush that guarantees optimal cleaning on both hard floors and carpets.


  • It usually clean in neat rows
  • Effortless to pair with a smartphone
  • Has built-in cliff-drop detect sensors
  • Supports manual & automated cleaning
  • Features battery charge indicator on top
  • It’s relatively quiet when on a cleaning cycle


  • It takes a while to create your home map
  • The no-go zones are not always reliable
  • You can’t set scheduled cleaning on select rooms

5. Best of Under $200: ILIFE A4s Pro (2000pa) Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE A4s is a great alternative to the Eufy 11s at low pricing. But it’s about thirty bucks more expensive, which I’d assume is for the fact there’s an ElectroWall to lock out the robot in certain areas.

The company also claims the robot vacuum has up to 2000pa of suction power in the maximum setting. And while I’m yet to prove the accuracy of these figures, it does work on hard floors like hardwood and carpets well.

More on that, the battery-powered robot vacuum can automatically boost to a high-power setting when transitioning from hard floors to carpets. But you could also use the remote control to manually enable the Max power mode.

Speaking of control, ILIFE didn’t create the robot vacuum with WiFi/ smartphone support. But the remote control device has the option to enable scheduled cleaning (day and time).


  • It has a reasonable pricing
  • So easy to set up & operate
  • Supports four cleaning modes
  • Has a relatively slim profile
  • Relatively quieter when cleaning
  • It has multiple built-in infrared & drop sensors


  • It doesn’t have a smart mapping
  • Tends to get caught in corners
  • It drains the battery pretty fast

6. Best of Versatility: Bissell SpinWave (3115) 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum

Are you looking for a robot vacuum that can do both dry and wet cleaning? The Bissell SpinWave here’s a decent example you can check out.

Of course, the machine hasn’t been the most popular of late from the issue of getting stuck or lost (can’t find Homebase). Then again many people are still going for its versatility- the dry and wet-mopping feature.

The robot vacuum is smart enough to avoid carpets when running a wet-mopping cycle. But, of course, the edges (of the carpet) will sometimes get wet before the unit auto-adjusts the mopping head.

As for the power, Bissell advertises the SpinWave vacuum cleaner to reach up to 1500pa on the Max Mode. And while I’ve not been able to verify this figure, the machine does a decent cleaning job on hard floors with even part carpet.


  • It’s has a sleek white design
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Includes built-in cliff detect sensors
  • Supports manual & scheduled cleaning
  • You can enable cleaning remotely via phone
  • It’s so easy to swap the dirt collet & water tank


  • It drains the battery pretty fast
  • Lacks smart mapping convenience
  • It tends to get lost on its way back home

7. Best of Alternative: iRobot Roomba 960 Neat Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Although pretty pricey, the Roomba 960 is a great alternative robot vacuum for hardwood and carpets that also have mapping. Its advanced visual navigation system actually doesn’t just map your home. But also enhances the auto-recharge and resume program for a complete clean of even the large floors.

Speaking of cleaning, the little guy is about five times more powerful than the Roomba 675, thereby should suck dust and debris from the carpets much better. Then, it has a rubber roller brush that’s less tangled and easier to clean than bristle brushes.

Other pros of the Roomba robot vacuum include:

  • It cleans in neat, zigzag rows
  • You can customize cleaning schedules
  • You can also personalize cleaning habits
  • Can pair with the Braava jet mop for thorough cleaning
  • It Auto-adjust the cleaning head on hard floors with carpet


  • It doesn’t have selective cleaning
  • You also can’t set keep-out zones
  • It tends to get stuck under furniture

8. Alternative of Budget: ILIFE V3s Pro Remote Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE V3s is yet another option to consider if still looking for a budget robotic vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets. You’ll miss advanced mapping and smartphone compatibility, for sure. But it has other handy features including:

  • An infrared remote control device
  • Manual & automated cleaning modes
  • Programmable schedule cleaning
  • 50s decibels noise level while cleaning
  • Built-in cliff sensors to avoid falling down stairs
  • Up to ten front infrared sensors to avoid obstacles


  • It lacks a smart mapping feature
  • Doesn’t suck dirt well on thick carpets
  • It tends to get lost back to the home base

Quick Guide: 9 Crucial Features in a Good Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors & Carpet

  • Navigation System:

If possible, consider a robot vacuum that supports smart mapping to ensure complete cleaning of all rooms and easier tracking back to the home base. But the standard navigation system (with infrared sensors) is also effective, albeit the machine tends to get lost on its way back home.

  • Suction Power

Do you have a hardwood floor with part thick carpets? If you do, you’ll need a robot vacuum powerful enough to suck up most (if not all) of the debris and dust on the carpets. The results on the hard floors will also be automatically satisfactory.

  • Auto-Adjustable Cleaning Head

The idea is to ensure the cleaning head maintains close contact with the surface while switching between the hardwood and carpet or vice versa. Thus, leaving both surfaces clean even when not babysitting the machine.

Note: some robot vacuums will auto-increase the suction power instead of adjusting the cleaning head.

  • Cliff Detect Sensors

Any robot vacuum should have reliable cliff sensors. Otherwise, it will keep on dropping down the stairs and off the ridges, which results in incomplete cleaning and early breakdowns.

  • Programmable Cleaning Schedules

It helps make it possible to set your robot vacuum to be cleaning on specific days and or times on its own. Thus, will always find your floors clean.

  • Manual & Automated Cleaning

The feature will help ensure you can still enjoy clean floors when the internet is down. Then, you can focus more on the spots that are dirtier or the robot encountered obstacles.

  • Smartphone Compatibility

The feature isn’t a must but can be handy when you want to operate your robotic vacuum remotely. Or when you want to enjoy advanced features like smart mapping, personalized cleaning, and receiving completion alerts.

  • Smart Home Integration

The feature is also not a must-have in a robot vacuum. But you can create your own smart home ecosystem with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for easy hands-free control.

  • Build Quality

Last but not least, invest in a high-quality robot vacuum that can serve you for a couple of years or even decades before needing to replace. Or will you be okay to buy another cleaner after every six months?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpet?

Yes, the robot vacuums on the list can effectively switch from hardwood to carpet, thanks to the auto-adjusting cleaning head. So, you won’t need to babysit them to complete the cleaning.

Which robot vacuum is best for multiple floors?

In my opinion, the best robot vacuum for multiple floors would be one that supports auto-recharge & resume cleaning features. A perfect example in this case includes:

  • iRobot Roomba J7 Plus
  • Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot
  • iRobot Roomba 960 vacuum

Does a Roomba work on hardwood floors with rugs?

The iRobot Roomba 675, 960, and J7+ have an auto-adjust cleaning head and pretty powerful suction. Hence, the reason they’re able to work on hardwood floors with rugs so well even when you’re not there.

How much battery life does your robotic vacuum need?

The best battery life a robotic vacuum needs to complete cleaning your home varies with the size and how dirty are your rooms. But you should leave the charging base connected to the outlet so the robot can always be fully charged before it starts cleaning.

Can you use Shark IQ robot on hardwood floors?

Absolutely! The Shark AV1010AE actually has a multi-surface roller brush that efficiently collects dust and debris from either hardwood floors or carpets. Then it also has a recharge & resume program to ensure a complete clean for even large homes.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets, you have to think of the two surfaces as one. But in a way that the machine can perform a complete clean without having to babysit it.

The selections I’ve reviewed are perfect examples of this subject. But the iRobot Roomba 675 is still my number one recommendation, even without smart mapping and the neat zigzag cleaning pattern.

If the two features matters to you, you could check out the iRobot Roomba J7+, considering you agree to pay the hefty price tag. And if the budget is still an issue, the Eufy (Anker) Robovac 11s Slim is the overall bestseller under $150.